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[English Release]

➀ Theme Booster Digital Hazard [EX02] is a BOOSTER SET themed on the anime Digimon Tamers, which is immensely popular among fans!

All cards contained in this set has brand-new text! Fans who watched the anime in real time, as well as casual players, will be satisfied with the contents of this set!

➁ The Digimon Tamers that will be featured in this close-up include Gallantmon, one of the Royal knights, and other highly popular Digimon, so there is no lack of character popularity.

This product also includes many cards that correspond to the latest meta, including generic cards of each color.

➂ Each display contains a box topper of Alt-Art Promo cards.

12 cards per pack

• Common ×44
• Uncommon ×30
• Rare ×26
• Super Rare ×10
• Secret Rare ×2
• Campaign Rares: x8
• Total 120 card types
*This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards from the above types.
*Japanese Pack used for Reference*
• Common ×44
• Uncommon ×30
• Rare ×26
• Super Rare ×11
• Secret Rare ×2
• *Parallel Cards ×18
• *1-Year Anniversary Box Topper x10
• *Special Tamer Box Topper x6
• *Total 129 card types (147 incl. parallel)