Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 44 (Japanese)

Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 44 (Japanese)

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Volume 44 of Card Game Magazine by Hobby Japan.

Japanese Language only!

Contains Spoilers for Opus VIII!!

Promotional Cards contained inside :
[Zenonzade] Experience deck and [Battle Spirits] promo cards, etc. will be delivered in super luxury appendix!

- Appendix 1: New Card Game [Zenonzade] Experience Deck (2 Promo starters)
- Appendix 2: [Battle Spirits] Promo Card
- Appendix 3: [Lycee Overture] PR Card
- Appendix 4: [WIXOSS - Wicrosse] Promo Card

Text Translation for cards :

8-041H Palom [DFF-IV]
2CP 5000

When Palom enters the field choose one of the following:
-All players discard one card.
-Choose one forward. Freeze it.
-Dull all the back ups your opponent controls.

8-012H Zenos [FF XIV]
4CP 8000

If your opponent controls a forward (job: Warrior of Light), Zenos gains +2000 power, Haste and Brave.
When Zenos deals damage to your opponent, choose a forward your opponent controls. Deal it 5000 damage.

8-108R Rude [FF VII]
2CP Back up

Dull: choose 1 (card name: Rufus) or (job: Turks) you control. Until the end of turn, it gains +1000 power.
[S](L)(L)(L)(4)dull: Deal 8000 damage to all active forwards. You can only use this ability if you control (card name: Reno).

8-045R Arc Angel MR [FF XI]
2CP 3000

Arc Angel MR cannot be blocked by forwards with 7000 power or more.
(Wind)(Wind): Until the end of turn, Arc Angel MR cannot be targeted by your opponents summons or abilities.

8-124C Ninja [FFTA]
3CP 5000

(Water)Dull, put Ninja into the break zone: choose 1 forward your opponent controls. Active it, and gain control of it until the end of the turn.