Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 39 (Japanese)

Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 39 (Japanese)

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Volume 39 of Card Game Magazine by Hobby Japan.

Japanese Language only!

"Wicros" Experience Deck & Promo Card and "Card Fight !! Vanguard" PR Cards, etc. will be delivered in super luxury appendix!

Front cover: Saori Ohnishi

 «Special Appendix» 
▼ "Wicros" Built Deck "Blue / Catalysis" Experience Deck & Limited Promo Card "Memory Ril of Double Fallen" 


▼ "Duel Masters" Limited Promo Card "Super dimension Fairy Hall" 


▼ "Fight Card !! Vanguard" Special PR Card "Felicitite Tallow" 


▼ "Battle Spirits" Limited Promo Card "Masked Rider Build Rabbit Tank Form [2]"