Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 40 (Japanese)

Card Gamer Magazine : Volume 40 (Japanese)

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Volume 40 of Card Game Magazine by Hobby Japan.

Japanese Language only!

We will deliver it in super luxury appendix such as "Wicros" promo card and "card fight !! Vanguard" PR card!

Front cover: Suzuko Mimori 

«Special Appendix» 
▼ "Fight card !! Vanguard" live action PR card "Mikami Suzuko" 

▼ "Card Fight !! Vanguard" PR Card "Major General Zachary" 


▼ "Wicros" Promo card "Medium Trap Humpty · Dumpty" × 2 


▼ "Lycee Overture" PR Card "Deeply Quiet Leadership Takumi Shirasaki"