Opus XIII - Delay Information

Good Afternoon, Kupo

We wanted to bring some clarity to the current situation with Opus 13 and delays.

Square Enix was unable to ship product this release for the intended release dates.  We would generally receive product the Wednesday prior to release.  Since COVID this has simply not been the case (Opus XI & XII were similar).

We received half of our Wave 1 Shipment on Saturday 4/29/21.

We also received our Boss Decks and Pre-Release kits at the same time. 

Unfortunately, the second half of our shipment was late arriving to our distributor and is shipping to us today.  We should have Wave 1 shipments completed once they arrive. That should be on Wednesday May 5th.  

As always if you have ?'s or concerns regarding your order please reach out to our Facebook Page, Rick@TCGPIT.com, or Call 516-303-3788.


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